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YIELD Coffee Cupping Guidelines

Coffee cupping is the method used to evaluate coffees all around the world. By tasting (cupping) coffees from various origins and processing methods, you'll enhance your tasting abilities and begin to establish a vocabulary that will allow you to more precisely explain what you're experiencing. 

Cupping is an evaluative tool. It's a method of focusing on the many aspects of a coffee and analyzing what each coffee has to offer. Developing a palate is an important part of the coffee tasting process.

Barista Class + Training | Yield Coffee Roasters

Barista Class + Training

Next barista class + training will take place on Monday November 2nd from 10am-12pm. 

We're offering this barista basics class to all of our wholesale partners and other coffee shops in the Cincinnati + Dayton areas. It's another way that Yield Coffee can give back, train the next generation, and generally increase education in specialty coffee.