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Meet the YIELD Team

Welcome to Yield Coffee Roasters – where passion, precision, and impact converge in every cup! As a close-knit team of coffee enthusiasts, we're not just about creating award-winning specialty coffee; we're also dedicated to making a positive impact and fostering meaningful relationships in the world of specialty coffee.

Yield Team Photo 

Each person adds a unique skill or perspective to the adventure of running a impact-driven small business. We're always changing, growing, and embracing the journey. YIELD flourishes because of our team's unwavering dedication and relentless drive.

Young Harwell

Role: Production Lead & Account Manager
Favorite Brew: Ethiopia Shakiso
Favorite Thing About Yield: The art of roasting coffee, the relationships we get to form, and our incredible team
Beyond Coffee: Exploring new places, football, and video games
Get in Touch: or @youngharwell


Tasha Fox

Role: Packaging Lead
Favorite Brew: Mexico Chiapas
Favorite Thing About Yield: The Yield family
Beyond Coffee: Pottery, dogs, epic Lego building.
Get in Touch: and @foxfirepotteryy


Griffin Maraan

Role: Deliveries
Fun Fact: Lifelong Bengals fan
Favorite Brew: Brazil Vila Boa
Favorite Thing About Yield: Great Coworkers
Beyond Coffee: Photography, fashion, and sports
Get in Touch: @griffmaraan


Matt Sanders

Role: Team Grandpa at Yield Coffee
Fun Fact: Despite a world full of adventures, Matt has never been on an airplane.
Favorite Brew: Ethiopia Shakiso
Favorite Thing About Yield: The Mission… or maybe a Young’s lovely locks
Beyond Coffee: Old, broken cars and motorcycles because reliable transportation is boring
Get in Touch:

Why Choose Yield Coffee Roasters?

  • Impact-Driven Craftsmanship

  • Award-Winning Excellence

  • Relational and Responsive

  • Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing

Ready to make an impact with award-winning specialty coffee and build a relationship with a team that cares? Choose Yield Coffee Roasters – where passion, precision, and relational values converge in every sip.