Our Mission

Quality Coffee 

We ethically source and roast high grade specialty coffee. Every day we go to great lengths to ensure quality and excellence: we source, roast, taste, and prepare coffee with the intention of drawing out its best characteristics. The extensive care and precision from farmer to cup is instantly noticeable as soon as you take that first sip. From our selection of beans we are enabling farmers and producers to impact change in their families, cities, and communities.


Sustainable Development

100% of our profit directly funds sustainable projects that are impacting the lives of vulnerable people without access to clean water, sanitation, basic healthcare, or education. By purchasing Yield Coffee you are actively choosing to impact the lives of people around the world. From the ground up, we work intimately with grassroots organizations that are transforming the lives of local people in holistic and sustainable ways. Because of the relationships that we are building through specialty coffee more people are achieving basic healthcare, clean water, adequate nutrition, a viable income, and life changing education. 
Check out our current project here.

Roasted in Cincy

From the farmers' hands to Cincinnati, Ohio. The beans arrive in their green unroasted state right here in Cincy, where our roastery is located. We take meticulous care and coffee-nerd like inquiry about the tiniest of details that will impact the roast. We're grateful to come alongside many outstanding roasters in the Midwest. Currently supplying various businesses, churches, and cafés in the area and around the nation with quality high-grade specialty coffee that they can proudly stand behind.
If you or someone you know is looking for ridiculously good coffee that is also transforming lives, take a look at our wholesale page for more info.

Our Business Model

Our business model is simple; to ethically source and roast the high grade specialty coffee available, provide outstanding customer support, educate those interested in the coffee process, and to save lives through international development. 
 We couldn't do this without you.