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YIELD Coffee Cupping Guidelines

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10g coffee (2 tablespoons ground coffee) | 150mL 205°F water (6oz water right off the boil) | Cup samples within 15 minutes from grinding the samples.

10g coffee to 150ml water Once all the cups have been weighed, grind the coffee to the desired grind size for a coffee drip machine or pour over.

The initial assessment will be olfactory. We'll be analyzing the sample's fragrance. Swirl the bowl to release the scent of the newly ground sample. Take a deep breath and concentrate on the scents you're now noticing.

Prior to adding hot water, check to confirm that the water has achieved a temperature of 205°F, as this will allow for optimum extraction. Fill the cup with 150ml or 6oz with boiling water and steep the coffee for 4 minutes.

Once the timer sounds, carefully break the top layer of coffee, referred to as the crust, using your spoon. As you break the crust, inhale deeply, keeping your nose as near to the top of the grounds as possible - as soon as the crust is split, a huge amount of volatile chemicals are released. Push the spoon towards the rear of the cup – front to back – three times to break the crust.

After you've broken the crust on all samples, return and skim the top layer of coffee oils and coffee grounds with both spoons in a back-to-front motion. This will eliminate any undesirable compounds prior to the 8-minute tasting.

Finally, the moment has come to slurp the coffee. You'll want to scoop a little amount of coffee onto your spoon, around a third of a spoonful. Bring the sample to your lips and suck the coffee in a rapid, loud inhale! This will assist in spraying the sample evenly across your whole palate, allowing you to completely evaluate the sample!

You'll now want to taste the sample at three different temperatures — hot, warm, and cold – to pick up on the subtle differences between the stages.

If you'd like to join us in person, please sign up here for our monthly cupping experiences at our roastery.

Happy cupping, y’all.

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