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Partner Referral Program

Thanks for your interest in our Partner Referral Program. We created this initiative to reward you for connecting and delighting others with life-transforming relational coffee. With each new wholesale partner you introduce us to, you'll have the ability to make up to $1800 per new partnership!

You'll get to meet new people, drink wonderful coffee, share knowledge, and start building a relationship that will impact hundreds of lives around the world.


As YIELD continues to grow, our influence and our impact around the world is transforming lives on a daily basis. We do this by working closely with coffee producers, our local community partners, and investing in sustainable development projects in coffee producing countries. We're inviting you to help us transform lives through relational coffee.

If you're interested please follow the steps to get started:

1. Email andrew@yieldcoffee.com with the subject line "Partner Referral Program". Include your first and last name, cell number, physical address so we can add you to the ordering portal. Make sure to write a few sentences on why you'd be a good fit and what wholesale accounts you think should start serving YIELD asap.

2. We'll connect with you by the end of the week.

3. We'll schedule a call together and talk over a few details/instructions. (10-15 minute call)

4. You'll get an email with further instructions and a how-to video on selecting samples for the potential wholesale accounts and next steps.

Click here for best ways to start the conversations and best practices for new ambassadors.