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Barista Training


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At YIELD Coffee, we're passionate about coffee, and we believe that every cup should be an experience. That's why we're excited to offer our barista training program, designed to help your team create truly outstanding coffee.

We know that every coffee program is different, so we'll work with you to create a training program that's just right for your team. Whether you're looking to brush up on the basics or dive deep into advanced techniques, we've got you covered.

Why Choose YIELD for your Barista Training?

1. Benefit from the expertise of seasoned baristas with extensive industry experience. Our wholesale manager and our head roaster bring a wealth of knowledge, ensuring your team receives top-tier instruction in advanced techniques, espresso preparation, and latte art design.

2. Tailored Curriculum for Wholesale Operations. Our comprehensive curriculum addresses the unique demands of wholesale coffee operations. From understanding coffee origins to perfecting extraction, we equip your team with the skills needed to consistently deliver excellence on a larger scale.

3. Practical, Hands-On Learning. Move beyond theory and embrace practical, hands-on experience. Our training emphasizes real-world scenarios, allowing your team to practice essential skills under the guidance of our trainers.

4. Espresso Excellence. Unlock the secrets of volume production without compromising quality. Dive into the intricacies of grind size, dose, and extraction time to ensure your team consistently produces exceptional espresso shots.

5. Latte Art Techniques. Elevate your wholesale coffee presentation with specialized latte art techniques. Learn how to create visually stunning designs that add a unique touch to every cup, enhancing the overall appeal of your offerings.

Yield Coffee Barista Training

Program Highlights for Wholesale Partners:

  • Enhance your wholesale operations by mastering the fundamentals of efficient espresso preparation, ensuring consistency and quality across high-volume orders.

  • Elevate your baristas' espresso expertise with advanced techniques. From perfecting extraction times to adjusting grind sizes, our training ensures your team can consistently deliver high-quality espresso shots, the foundation of exceptional coffee beverages.

  • Streamline your cafe's operations with optimized workflow strategies. Our training focuses on time management, organizational skills, and efficient task delegation, ensuring your baristas can handle peak hours with grace and maintain exceptional service

Ready to Elevate Your Wholesale Coffee Program?

Whether you're expanding your wholesale coffee operations or refining existing processes, YIELD's Barista Training Program is your key to achieving excellence at scale. Email us today to schedule personalized training sessions and empower your team with the skills and knowledge to delight your guests.