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Relational Coffee

YIELD’s Sourcing Philosophy Starts with Relationships

A core part of who we are as a company is our mission to transform lives through direct-trade, ethical practices, and relational coffees. Every coffee tells a story and we desire to highlight the farmers, the families, and the communities these exceptional coffees represent. We go above and beyond, not because we have to, but because we believe together, we can be the sustainable agent of change to bring life and love to these very deserving people. Specialty coffee has the potential to return dignity and wellbeing to coffee producers and their communities.

Our approach to sourcing coffee is with full transparency, direct-trade, and through relationships with the farmers, cooperatives, and communities we work alongside of. First, the coffee has to be specialty grade (scoring 80+ on the SCA scale); second, it has to be ridiculously delicious; third, it has to make a positive impact while returning dignity and wellbeing to coffee farmers and their communities.

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Brazil Primavera
Ricardo Tavares

Nicaragua Café Diego
Diego Chavarria

Honduras Finca Deborah
Cecilia Quan

Colombia La Roma
Emmanuel Enciso

Honduras El Conejo
Joel and Delmer Banegas

It's more than just good coffee; it’s knowing the farmers by name. It’s giving them a way to break the cycle of economic poverty and to invest in sustainable development around the world. We’ve been involved in rehab programs for woman transitioning from back into society from human trafficking, to building life-saving modern bathrooms, to supplying medical clinics with vital necessities, and to funding the purchases of bicycles for students to continue their studies into high school, all of this and more because people like you have chosen to drink coffee that matters.