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Elevate Your Event with the Gift of Exceptional Coffee

Imagine starting your guests' day with a coffee experience that's both delicious and meaningful. At YIELD, we specialize in creating custom labeled coffee bags that perfectly complement your event's theme and leave a lasting impression.

Why Choose YIELD for Your Next Event?

  • We're an award-winning humanitarian coffee company committed to building life-changing relationships directly with coffee farmers.
  • Every coffee tells a story of sustainability and long-term partnerships, ensuring exceptional quality and positive impact.
  • Our coffees are roasted fresh weekly, highlighting the unique flavors from each origin.
  • Your event, your design! Personalize our bags with your logo, messaging, and choose from 5 thoughtfully selected coffees.
  • We offer whole bean or ground coffee to suit your guests' preferences.
The YIELD Difference

We're not just about coffee; we're about building connections. Your custom coffee bags become a tangible reminder of your event's values while supporting a greater good in the global coffee community.

The Offerings (Listed in best-selling order) Pricing & Minimums

We have a minimum order requirement of 100 bags for 4oz custom coffee bags and 50 bags for 12oz custom coffee bags.

  • 4oz Bags = $6.50 per bag
  • 12oz Bags = $12.50 per bag

Volume Discounts

  • 200-299 Bags: $0.25 off per bag
  • 300-399 Bags: $0.50 off per bag
  • 400-499 Bags: $0.75 off per bag
  • 500+: $1.00 off per bag

Next Steps

Step 1: Get In Touch 

Send an email to with the following information:

  • Date of your event
  • Number of bags. Specify the quantity of 4oz or 12oz bags you’d like
  • Your coffee selection
  • Whole bean or ground
  • Indicate whether you’d like us to create a label with your logo on it or if you'll provide a 3x3 label ready for printing

Step 2: Quote & Confirmation

We'll provide a detailed quote based on your coffee selection, bag quantity, and shipping needs.

Upon your approval, we'll send a confirmation and schedule your coffee production.

Step 3: Roasting, Packaging, and Delighting Your Guests

Your selected coffee will be roasted just days before your event to ensure the highest quality taste.

Your labels will be professionally printed and applied to your bags.

We'll dispatch your order with tracking information to ensure it arrives well before your event date.

Take Your Event to the Next Level

Elevate your attendees' coffee experience even further by combining your custom coffee bags with our exceptional on-site coffee catering services. We'll bring a delightful coffee bar experience directly to your event and even offer a special discounted rate when you package these services together.

Ready to Delight Your Attendees?

Let's make your event unforgettable with the perfect coffee touch. Email us today at to start designing your custom bags and explore our catering options.

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