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Holiday Gift Guide for The Coffee Lovers in Your Life


We wholeheartedly believe that coffee will forever be one of the greatest gifts to give and receive. It brings people together, creates community, and lasting memories. It’s meant to be shared and enjoyed. That’s why this year, we crafted a gift guide filled with our favorite coffees, experiences, equipment and merch to make it easy for you to intentionally shop for all the coffee lovers in your life!

Below you’ll find a handful of our top favorite picks. But if you’d like to peruse a few additional options, be sure to check our full holiday gift guide page - linked here.


Coffee Subscription

Friends don’t let friends run out of good coffee. Give the gift of coffee delivered monthly to their doorstep and we [can’t actually] guarantee it, but we can safely assume they’ll love you forever for it.

Our Coffee Club Subscription allows you to choose from three, six and twelve month gift options and once it kicks off, your friend or family member will receive an incredible coffee rotation selected each month by our stellar production team and sent directly to their door right after it’s roasted!


Taste of YIELD Sample Box

yield coffee bags in a sample box

This option is perfect for the friend who loves the novelty of trying new things (and for those who may not be quite ready to commit to a full 12oz bag yet)! This sampler includes 4 (4oz) bags of freshly roasted single origin coffees featuring both our celebrated blends, and our all-time favorites.


Loose Leaf Tea Sample Box

yield loose leaf tea bags in a sample box

In case your friend is already stocked up on beans or perhaps they're not the coffee type, we've still got you covered! We've pulled together a sampler filled with  4 bags of our top, loose leaf tea picks for the cold weather season! 


YIELD Holiday Gift Box 


What’s better than one bag of coffee? Two bags of coffee + a YIELD Mug!

The YIELD gift box will include two of our favorite, freshly roasted coffees. Each bag will contain 12oz of Relational Coffee and can be ordered as whole bean or pre-ground. To complete the experience, you'll receive one of our 10oz diner style mugs in cyan blue.


A Bag of Hibernate - Seasonal Blend


Hibernate stands in stark contrast to the often gloomy skies and subzero temps that typically have us hunkering down or layering up in the wintertime. With a steaming mug of this blend in your hands, you’ll find seasonal depression defrosting and see the beauty of winter come into view because, finally, you’re warm. Your taste buds will be ablaze with a dynamic combination of almond, dark chocolate, and molasses. 

This blend is the perfect swap for the classic hot cocoa after a long snow day or a worthy contender for your morning brew to warm and wake you before the sun comes up. Enjoy it at any point of the day, alone or [we strongly recommend] sharing it with friends. Ultimately, we’re hoping it reminds you of warmth in life that’s most often appreciated in the presence of winter.


A Bag of Finca Deborah - Single Origin from Honduras


This light/medium roast single-origin from our producing partner, Cecilia Quan, bears notes of honey, apricot and chocolate. It's certified organic, straight from a woman-run coffee farm in Honduras and perfect for anyone looking to add a sweet, mild brew to their rotation this holiday season!


YIELD Gift Card

Not quite sure what you’d like to get them? There’s a gift card for that.
This e-gift card creates a unique code that can be printed or shared via email. The recipient will be able to order any product from our website and then simply enter their code at checkout to subtract the gift card value from their order total. Takes the guesswork out of finding the “perfect” gift and allows them to select something they’ll really enjoy!



Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

baratza coffee grinder

The Baratza Encore is the ultimate entry level grinder for your specialty coffee journey. Take your coffee brewing routine to the next level. Beyond a great coffee-making experience, the Encore lets you explore new coffee flavors –  With 40 individual grind settings, you can find the perfect grind size for all brewing methods.


Chemex, Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker

For those who like a slower, more intentional approach to their morning coffee then this Chemex, a glass pour-over coffee maker, may be the way to go. It’s a phenomenal way to brew coffee, produces a cup with a similar body to drip coffee and is especially great when you’re wanting more than 3 cups at a time. Pair it with a bag of our single-origin Brazil and you’ve got a great gift on your hands!

In case they’d need a bit of help using their new tool, here's a guide that will walk them through it all step by step.


Breville Barista Pro - Espresso Machine

Wanting to splurge a bit for someone in your life? This middle-of-the-road espresso machine option from Breville may be something to consider. It would allow them to expand their in-home coffee set-up as well as hone in on the craft of espresso. A gift like this would be a great pairing with our Medium Espresso blend to pull their first shot or a seat in our Espresso Fundamentals Workshop to teach them the ins and outs of using their new tool well.


Y Drip Mug

Enjoy your coffee in style with the limited release Y Drip Mug. This heavy duty ceramic mug holds 10oz and feels great in your hands while keeping your coffee nice and warm. A vibrant roast deserves a vibrant mug!


The Eye Exam Tee

The Eye Exam Tee

Welcome back, The Eye Exam Tee. This shirt is printed locally on 100% cotton, and is super comfortable.


If you plan to purchase any of the products YIELD specifically as a gift, be sure to order by midnight on December 12th to guarantee delivery before Christmas!


Didn't find what you were looking for here? Peruse a few additional options in our full holiday gift guide page - linked here.

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  • I love your gift guide! It’s so helpful and makes discovering the perfect coffee-related presents a breeze. The layout is user-friendly, and the range of gift ideas suits unique preferences. Thanks for putting together such a thoughtful and realistic guide for coffee enthusiasts like me.


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