Medium Espresso (Dark Horse)
Medium Espresso (Dark Horse)
Medium Espresso (Dark Horse)

Medium Espresso (Dark Horse)

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Medium Espresso Blend

Name: Medium Espresso Blend
Origin: Colombia + Brazil
Processing: Washed & Natural

Cupping Notes: Creamy Chocolate, Smooth Vanilla, Citrus
Roast Level 04: Medium Roast

The first taste is dynamic, mixed with deep complex flavors. Very well-balanced taste to give you the perfect double shot of espresso to drink solo or the foundation for a beautiful milk-based drink. Not overly sweet to the taste, far from bitter, and well-balanced throughout with lingering notes of chocolate. Our medium espresso blend will propel you through the day helping you conquer whatever the day holds.

If you're looking for a lighter espresso, check out our Light Roast Espresso.

If you're looking for a darker espresso, check out our Dark Espresso Blend.

All blends subject to change due to agricultural nature of product and supply.

Medium Espresso Recipe:

18.5g of coffee yields 38g in 29 seconds.

We recommend your finished shots of espresso should weigh between 1.5-2.5 times as much as your coffee dose. This provides an excellent total extraction level and maximizes the flavor profile pulled out of the coffee.


Customer Reviews

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M. C.

I’ve tried a variety of espresso beans and I have also lived in Europe, where in my opinion have some of the best coffees. Hands down this is one of the best espressos I’ve had! Will definitely be ordering again!

Carly S.

I have tried ALOT of their coffee types. This has been my favorite roast by far. Such a good flavor.

Eric R.
Best espresso for (iced & hot) mochas & more.

This is hands down the best tasting and smelling espresso beans I’ve gotten my hands on. Just the smell of the beans in the bag makes my eyes light up. Highly recommend dark horse espresso — just leave some for me!

Awesome company. Awesome people. Awesome espresso (and coffee) beans. They include where the beans you order came from - which is super cool. Support local.