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Ethiopia - Shakiso (Previously Two Brothers)
Ethiopia - Shakiso (Previously Two Brothers)
Ethiopia - Shakiso (Previously Two Brothers)
Ethiopia - Shakiso (Previously Two Brothers)
Ethiopia - Shakiso (Previously Two Brothers)

Ethiopia - Shakiso (Previously Two Brothers)

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Previously Ethiopia Two Brothers

Cupping Notes: Raspberry, Lavender, Blueberry 
Roast Level: 01 Light

Farmer: Shakiso Tero Outgrowers
Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Guj
Farm: Tero Farm
Altitude: 2100 Meters
Processing: Natural
Variety: Heirloom

Drop Temperature: 409

Finishing Time: 1130

Ethiopia Shakiso hails from Tero Farm where smallholders must participate in comprehensive registration and training, including mapping of each smallholder’s farm and training in agronomy and processing. Through this program, farmers benefit from higher prices paid for higher quality cherry, pre-harvest financing, and distribution of seedlings and coffee bags for transport. Smallholders living in the vicinity of Tero Farm deliver their cherries to the farm or to nearby collection centers managed by Dimtu. This coffee is certified organic.

Relational Coffee = Direct Trade & Ethically Sourced + Certified Organic


Customer Reviews

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Matthew K.

We brew this with a Chemex and it fills the apartment with the smell of berries.

Love the taste and smell, we will definitely get this again. :)

Incredible nose, wonderful flavor

We we first tried this particular coffee at the Cincinnati Coffee Festival and we immediately fell in love. I very much enjoy a coffee that has fruity and almost sweet notes, but isn't bitter at all. Best prep method (imho) is V60!
We were thrilled to find a new Cincinnati roaster as well, the "big guys" on Central Parkway have taken our last dollar, Yield is our new Cincy coffee!

Grant K.
Solid Consistent Cup of Coffee

The Ethiopian Two Brothers has to be one of my favorite Ethiopians that I have tried. I make a pour over every morning and sometimes I find with Ethiopians it can be difficult to reproduce the same flavorful cup each morning. However, with the Ethiopian Two Brothers I found that I was able to make a flavorful full-bodied cup every morning. It was delightful! I have to say this is one of my favorite single origins I've been able to try from Yield. Highly recommend giving this coffee a try.