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Taste of YIELD - Coffee Sampler

Taste of YIELD - Coffee Sampler

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Our curated coffee sampler is a must have tastings of 4 delicious coffees roasted specifically for you. They make sharing and experiencing various origins of specialty coffee easy. This is the perfect gift to yourself or to a coffee lover you know.

This sampler will include various single origin coffees, our celebrated blends, and our all-time favorite coffees. This pack includes 4 (4oz) bags of freshly roasted coffee.

Info for each coffee will be listed on the bag. This information will help you decide which origin, variety, or processing technique you like the most to help make informed decisions in the future according to your taste preference.

Our relentless focus on quality ensures we taste, evaluate, and refine our coffees every time we roast in order for you do have the best cup possible. Drink ridiculously good coffee + share it with the ones you love.

-4 (4oz) bags of freshly roasted relational coffee

-Brewing guide on best brewing practices

-Stickers & more

Customer Reviews

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Grace K.
Great gift!

I just recently started buying Yield coffee right before Mother’s Day this year. If there is one thing my ma and I bond over, it is our love of coffee! So, I had to get her this sampler to try. Such a great variety to try the different kinds and the quality is great as I would expect. She loves it and can’t wait to try it all. 😊 I’m just hoping she shares!

Kim D.

A must buy!!!


Loved being able to try them all. Absolutely delicious.