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YIELD Curated Coffee Collection

YIELD Curated Coffee Collection

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Journey with YIELD to some of our favorite coffee-producing origins. Each bag shares information on the coffee and the farmer who produced it. We welcome you to experience the coffees our partners work diligently and passionately to produce. 

This collection is the result of years of relationship building and quality escalation that we are excited to share with you. This arrangement is perfect for the coffee lover in your life, to share with loved ones, or simply to keep all for yourself.

The collection comes with 5x12oz bags. 

Our collection highlights the following coffees:

  • YIELD Relational Blend: citrus, almond, milk chocolate
  • Brazil Vila Boa: almond, nutmeg, semi-sweet chocolate
  • Colombia La Roma: red fruit, sweet citrus, touch of cocoa
  • Ethiopia Shakiso: lavender, raspberry, blueberry
  • Honduras El Conejo: vanilla, chocolate, orange zest

Customer Reviews

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Hope L.

I listened to a podcast where the founder of Yield was speaking about the company, their bean sourcing, etc. I’m already on a journey of emphasizing sustainable companies that source their ingredients well, so to find Yield and to try it out made so much sense. With the curated collection, I could try a variety of beans and my husband and I could find out which one was our favorite. Upon receiving the package, I was so pleased to find a handwritten note, sticker, and some photos of the farmers who grew my beans. It was such a cool experience, and this was all before I even tried the beans! My husband and I are enjoying the different roasts. Some of them don’t even taste like coffee, they taste like chocolate and are SO smooth! All in all, a fabulous treat and my forever coffee :)

Ruth M.
Above and beyond

When UPS lost an order, Yield went above and beyond to make sure my coffee gift was deliverd

Steven R.
Great coffee, great mission

Loved the personal touch of hand written note on my curated coffee order. 5 different coffees with varying tastes and complexities when drinking as an espresso shot or cortado. Will absolutely purchase again!