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Recycle Your Coffee Bag

Zero Waste Coffee Packaging

Making sustainability easy and efficient.

Through our Zero Waste Coffee Packaging, 100% of the collected bags are recycled—not landfilled or incinerated—and made into reusable materials such as "Smart Gravel" that can be used for landscape drainage and concrete aggregate, among many other materials and uses. Our hope is for the entire coffee supply chain to join us and work together to strive towards net zero. Learn more about the recycling program at

There’s nothing complicated about it: Good coffee, good packaging, and good outcomes.


How to recycle your used coffee bags:

  1. Return your used coffee bags to YIELD via a drop-off box at one of the locations listed below. Note: bags need to be returned to YIELD for proper recycling, do not put the bags in the recycling bin.
  2. YIELD will collect the used bags from the drop-off boxes and send them to our recycling partner
  3. The various materials of the coffee bags will be separated and reused/recycled according to each material 
  4. It's that easy!


Drop-off box locations:

See these locations on our YIELD Partners map.