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Fundamentals in Professional Barista Training


Dates: 2nd Saturday of Each Month
Time: 10A - 12P
Cost: 65
Length: 2 Hours
Class Level: Beginner - Intermediate
Class size: 2-4 Participates

Integrating core concepts and hands-on experience to help you advance in the specialty coffee industry.

In this workshop, you'll learn proper procedures for extracting espresso and texturing milk for cafe beverages. Introduction to the fundamentals of espresso grinding, dosing, distributing, tamping, and extraction. Introducing foundational concepts of milk steaming, texturizing, and pouring basic latte art design. 

Hands-on experience with drink creation and the fundamentals of bar flow and machine maintenance. 

Activities include espresso tasting and extraction, steaming and texturizing milk, pouring espresso-based beverages, and machine cleaning and maintenance.

Our professional barista workshop will focus on the following:

  • In-depth operating instruction of your commercial espresso machine, including regular maintenance and cleaning
  • Dialing in the perfect espresso shot
  • Adjusting or dialing in your grinder
  • The importance of various barista tools
  • Identifying and managing the variables that will have an impact on your finished product
  • The fundamentals of coffee selection for your espresso beverages
  • Milk steaming and the fundamentals of latte art

This workshop is $45 per person and is limited to four participants. The length is 2.5 hours. For larger groups and longer training sessions, please contact us for a quote.

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