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Decaf Espresso

Decaf Espresso

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Farmers: Shady + Elias Bayter

Origin: Colombia
Region: Huila
Farm: El Vergel
Altitude: 1500 Meters
Decaf Process: Washed + Ethyl Acetate
Varieties: Caturra

Cupping Notes: Cherry, Caramel, Syrupy Sweet

Roast Level: 03 Medium

Ethyl acetate decaffeination is known as “The Natural Decaffeination Method.” Highest quality green coffee + highest quality water + sugarcane ethyl acetate = ridiculously natural decaf coffee. E.A. process retains the body of coffee and the inherent sweetness within this Columbian coffee that we’ve all come to expect.

Decaffeination is accomplished through ethyl acetate, which is a natural byproduct of fermented sugarcane. E.A. bonds with the soluble caffeine compounds in the coffee, allowing them to be removed from the green beans. The water-EA process allows for gentle caffeine extraction from the bean, avoiding excessive heat and pressure and thus retaining the natural structure of the coffee bean cells.

Our suggested decaf espresso recipe is 19g in, 40ml out, at 30 seconds.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Good decaf, who knew?

This decaf espresso blend has been a very pleasant surprise as I normally don’t expect much from decaf coffee. With this I have been able to get consistent extractions and every shot has tasted on-par with many regular espresso blends. It’s tasted great in cappuccino, americano, and on its own. I definitely recommend!

Kelsey M.
Amazing Decaf :)

It's tough to find quality, smoothe decaf that is also healthy and sustainably made. I loved learning about the process on the Homegrown podcast. I always thought the steaming process was the best way to get decaf, but appreciate the way your team does it. Love these beans and will definitely order again!

Shelby C.

I am an all day coffee drinker and usually, I enjoy a cup of coffee or latte before bed. I have a bad habit of caffeinating way too late, so this decaf blend is perfect. It’s good coffee but it doesn’t keep me buzzing like other blends do. It’s the perfect nighttime treat!