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Colombia - Decaf
Colombia - Decaf
Colombia - Decaf - Yield Coffee Roasters
Colombia - Decaf

Colombia - Decaf

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Farmers: Shady + Elias Bayter

Origin: Colombia
Region: Huila
Farm: El Vergel
Altitude: 1500 Meters
Decaf Process: Washed + Ethyl Acetate
Varieties: Caturra

Drop Temperature: 412
Finishing Time: 1200

Cupping Notes: Cherry, Caramel, Syrupy Sweet

Roast Level: 03 Medium

Ethyl Acetate decaffeination is known as “The Natural Decaffeination Method”. Highest quality green coffee + highest quality water + sugarcane ethyl acetate = ridiculously natural decaf coffee. E.A. process retains the body of coffee and the inherent sweetness within this Colombian coffee that we’ve all come to expect.

Decaffeination is accomplished through Ethyl Acetate, which is a natural byproduct of fermented sugarcane. E.A. bonds with the soluble caffeine compounds in the coffee allowing them to be removed from the green beans. The water-EA process allows for gentle caffeine extraction from the bean avoiding excessive heat and pressure thus retaining the natural structure of the coffee bean cells.

YIELD has been working alongside of Shady and Elias Bayter in Colombia for over 4 years! We love the collaboration and experimentation coming from these two brothers. We connect via google hangouts multiple times a year to plan our green coffee purchases, receive updates, and see all the progress happening in and around their coffee farm. We visited the El Vergel farm in May 2022!

By implementing updated technologies, they are able compost organic material from the processing of coffee that would otherwise go to waste. In addition, water conservation efforts have reduced overall water consumption on the farm by at least 40%

Customer Reviews

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Adam H.

Very best decaf. Consistently so impressed with this decaf. I look forward to it every day. I live in San Francisco and have incredible coffee shops and roasters but no one makes a decaf as good as yield. We recommend it to everyone.

Susanna D.

Finally, a decaf coffee that I love! It tastes wonderful and isn’t bitter which is hard to find. Yield has excellent service from the moment you place your order until even after it arrives. You won’t be disappointed!

Different and better decaf!

I don't drink much caffeine at all any longer, but I do still love coffee sometimes, and ever since I heard of the Ethyl Acetate / sugar cane decaffeination process, I'd been wanting to try some coffee made this way. Not easy to find, but then again, that's what the internet is for—and so I was happy to come across Yield's Decaf Colombian. What I found is a decaf coffee that tastes ALIVE in a way that other decafs haven't for me. I make it freshly ground in a Chemex cone filter, and the result is what tastes to me like a really great cup of coffee, with the added bonus that it doesn't mess me up in the way that caffeine does these days. Right on, thanks Yield!