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Honduras El Conejo | Single-Origin Coffee Highlight

Single-Origin Honduras El Conejo Coffee Feature graphic


A YIELD crowd favorite, Honduras El Conejo is a true medium roast. Grown in the Comayagua region of Honduras, it bears notes of vanilla, chocolate, and zesty orange.


photo of coffee farmers Joel and Delmer Banegas holding coffee cherries

Origin & Farmer Highlight

This coffee comes from fifth-generation coffee farmers and entrepreneurs, Joel and Delmer, who were given a plot of land by Joel's father to start growing coffee. Delmer took full responsibility for maintaining the land and workers while Joel decided to go to college to study agricultural engineering and specialize in coffee. They have joined forces to make Finca El Conejo one of the few experimental coffee farms in the Comayagua region.


Tastes Throughout the Cup

Tasting notes: Vanilla, Chocolate, Orange Zest

At the first sip, you’ll be greeted with warm and sweet notes of vanilla and chocolate. As you finish, you’ll get that good orange zest finish to top it off with some subtle citrus, which stands out more and more as the cup cools.

graphic including tasting note information for coffee with a photo of a Honduran coffee farm in background


Roasting Methodology: Roast Level

On our roasting scale, the roast level for Honduras El Conejo is 3 out of 5, making it a true medium roast. This coffee is in the roaster for 11 minutes and 30 seconds, and it's dropped out of the roaster when it reaches 414 degrees. We do this to achieve a signature medium roast taste profile and capture all of the notes that you will love, chocolatey with hints of citrus.


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