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Flash Brew Method Tutorial


Since flash brew requires brewing the coffee over ice, naturally, some of the ice will melt when it comes into contact with the hot coffee.

In order to make sure that your coffee doesn’t taste watered down, we suggest brewing with less hot water than normal to account for the melted ice — try a 60:40 ratio of hot water to ice.

We use a 1:15 ratio for brewing most coffees
(every 1g of coffee = 15g water).

For 22g of coffee you’d need 330g of water.

And using our 60:40 flash brew recipe, this turns into 200g of hot water, and 130g of ice.


 You’ll need:

  • Kitchen/coffee scale
  • Timer
  • V60 pourover with carafe (or similar)
  • Coffee filter
  • Kettle
  • 22g of medium-fine ground coffee (we chose Heatwave)
  • 200g of water at about 208°F (plus more for rinsing)
  • 130g of ice

Brewing Steps

  1. Heat water to 208°F
  2. Unfold the filter and insert into the V60 brewer. Place it on top of the carafe
  3. Rinse the filter with water, then discard the rinsed water
  4. Place 130g of ice in the bottom of the carafe and place the V60 onto the carafe
  5. Add ground coffee into filter and tare the scale to zero
  6. Start a timer and pour 60g of water to the coffee and ensure to saturate all of the grounds
  7. Allow the coffee to bloom for 45 seconds before adding more water. This will look like small bubbles rising to the surface of the wet coffee grounds
  8. Pour in about another 80g of water by slowly pouring in concentric circles starting from the center and moving towards the edge
  9. Pause for a few seconds to allow some of the coffee to drip out. Avoid filling the brewer over halfway
  10. Finish adding the remaining amount of water, about 60g, so that the total weight of water poured equals 200g
  11. Once the filter has begun to drip slowly, remove and discard the filter and grounds. This should take 2:30 - 3 minutes
  12. The coffee in the carafe should have melted most or all of the ice.


Now simply transfer into a new glass filled with ice, and enjoy!




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