Yield Academy Virtual Course: One-on-One Coaching

Yield Academy Virtual Course: One-on-One Coaching

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Virtual Course: One-on-One Coaching 

YIELD COFFEE ROASTERS Presents: YIELD Academy - a list of classes hosted by YIELD's founders + team of educators.

Have you ever wanted to make the best coffee at home, but struggled to understand your equipment? Learn the basics to perfecting the art of specialty coffee at home. We believe great coffee shouldn't be limited to the coffee shop setting. These courses are designed to teach, empower, and guide you to better coffee-making theories and techniques. Become Your Own Barista.

Course Content Includes:

 Book thirty-minutes with Tyler, Yield Academy’s Lead Educator.

Having trouble dialing in your grinder?

Need help perfecting your milk steaming technique?

Maybe you want someone to tell you that you're doing everything right!

Tyler will jam-pack your one-on-one video call with barista tips and actionable advice tailored to your situation.

You'll leave with your questions answered and the secret to better mornings +better coffee.

What your thirty-minutes with Tyler could look like:

  • Espresso techniques
  • Dialing in help for better tasting coffee
  • Milk steaming tips
  • Latte art advice
  • Coffee brewing recipes and guidelines
  • Making your favorite drink
  • Q & A
  • A little of all of the above

Coffee brewing should be simple - but it's usually not! We commonly hear that people find their home coffee to be far less flavorful than a café, even when using the exact same coffee! Struggling to find the best brew methods, recipes, and finishing times can be a little frustrating.

If you would like to purchase equipment through YIELD for your class, email derek@yieldcoffee.com

Ticket Information

  • Academy Package - $40: 30 Minute session with Tyler to cover any material you’d like related to specialty coffee, brewing guidelines, espresso, maintenance, or roasting.


Training is available Wednesday-Saturday, 8:30 am to 6 pm EST. Once purchased, you'll receive an email to book a time with your instructor. Are you purchasing as a gift? No problem! Leave your recipient's name and email in the notes at checkout, and we'll set up a time! Email us at info@yieldcoffee.com.

This class will be hosted live via Google Meet. Please install and test Google Meet on your phone, tablet, or laptop before class time to avoid technical issues. Contact derek@yieldcoffee.com with any questions, issues, requests, or feedback regarding YIELD Academy.

Want to start learning now? Check out our BREWING GUIDES for more info! 

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