Roasting Lab Fundamentals Workshop

Roasting Lab Fundamentals Workshop

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We offer Roasting Fundamentals at our Monroe roasting and training facility by appointment. After you order the class from our website, we will reach out to schedule a date for your session.

This lab is available to the general public and is intended for beginning roasters.

Designed to introduce fundamental roasting skills and equipment knowledge to participants with little to no previous roasting experience. In this workshop, we will cover introductory elements of cupping, roast theory, and profile development. We will work with three single origin coffees and provide hands-on experience with our Mill City 1kg roaster. We will work together to examine each roast in order to establish a fundamental working knowledge of coffee roasting.


This course will cover the fundamentals of coffee roasting. First, we'll go over the steps that coffee travels from farm to cup. Participants will learn to roast coffee using a hands-on approach. The roast cycle, roasting profiles, sample roasting, physical features of coffee, and other topics will be explored. After that, participants will learn how to properly evaluate roasted coffee following the SCA standard cupping protocol.


At YIELD, we believe that roasting coffee is the best method to learn how to roast coffee. As a result, you won't sit through a long lecture or PowerPoint. Participants will learn how to roast coffee with direct, hands-on teaching using our sample roaster. At the same time, your instructor will explain the various roasting tools and procedures so that you have the understanding and ability to roast specialty coffee!

Recommended For:

Coffee enthusiasts 

Special occasion gifts

Team building

Course Content:

Introduction to the 1 kg Mill City Roaster.

Farm to Cup Journey of the coffee.

Overview of coffee growing regions and unique characteristics.

Understanding the fundamentals of the roasting process.

Being able to roast your own specialty coffee.

This lab includes:

More coffee than you can drink throughout the lab.

Hands-on experience with the 1 kg Mill City Roaster.

2 bags of YIELD Coffee roasted by you!

Green Coffee Knowledge — understanding the structure of a coffee bean and how it influences roasting, as well as how to build partnerships with coffee producers and coffee importers.

Roasting Fundamentals — understanding fundamental roasting concepts, bean transformation, heat transfer, and using software to consistently roast beautiful coffee.

Roaster Operation — a summary of the different types of coffee roaster machines, their unique attributes, and how/why they should be used.

Hands-on Experience — roast 2 lbs. of coffee, discuss the experience, and analyze roast curves.

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