Mocha Almond Latte
Mocha Almond Latte

Mocha Almond Latte

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KEEP REFRIGERATED! Pickup available at one of our distribution partners. Select location at checkout. Canned lattes will be available at that location by Wednesday at 4pm. Orders placed after Monday at 5pm will be processed the following week.

This rich and creamy offering combines dark chocolate almond milk with unmatched texture of our 16-hour steeped single origin relational coffee.

It’s a smooth, bold, and chocolatey caffeinated boost that’s deliciously refreshing. Say yes to caffeine fueled chocolate milk. This Mocha Almond Latte is the ultimate indulgence under 100 calories and the best kind of pick-me-up for any time of the day.

Drink chilled, keep refrigerated.

Vegan friendly.

Dairy free, lactose free & gluten free.

Limited quantities available.