Cascara - Coffee Cherry Tea
Cascara - Coffee Cherry Tea
Cascara - Coffee Cherry Tea

Cascara - Coffee Cherry Tea

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Cascara - Certified Organic Coffee Cherry Tea

Hand Selected
Product of Honduras
Farm: Santa Rosa de Copan
Crop Year: 2017-2018

Cascara is the outermost part of the coffee cherry, it’s the delicious and juicy skin and pulp layers. It’s from the Spanish word “cascara” which means husk or shell. We often talk about coffee beans as seeds, which they are, but we don’t talk very often about the coffee cherry itself.

The process of pulping removes the two coffee seeds from their cherry. When we roast those seeds, we get the highly sought-after coffee we all know and love. But what usually happens to the coffee cherry? Before the cherries were just discarded or used as organic compost at the farms, but now the cherry skins are sun-dried similar to the process of coffee. Cascara brings with it unparalleled opportunities for a new source of revenue to our coffee producing partners, and we’re all about that.

The dried fruit when steeped in hot water makes for an invigorating, floral and fruit forward tea. It’s refreshing, bright, and sweet; reminding us of hibiscus, citrus zest, and a floral rose-like taste.

Cascara tea’s appearance is similar to loose-leaf tea, but the cherry remnants are slightly larger. You will require a filtration method or loose-leaf tea bag to steep your tea properly.

Cascara contains around ¼ the caffeine as a regular cup of coffee.


Recommended Brewing Recipe:

Hot: 1-2 heaping tablespoons (6 - 7 grams) to 8oz of water. Water just off boil 206 degrees. Let cherries steep for 4-5 minutes based on taste preference. Remove cherries. Add honey or agave to taste.

Cold Brew: Use 6 tablespoons per 10oz of water. Let steep for 24 hours in refrigerator. Strain liquid from cherries using a filter such as a v60 or chemex. Sip and enjoy.