Green Coffee

Unroasted coffee beans for the curious home roaster. Sold by the pound. 

Getting into specialty coffee roasting can be challenging and intimidating. We want to change that for you and for others. Specialty coffee should be inclusive, exciting, and always filled with good people and good times. That's why we've decided to open up our relational coffees to you unroasted by the pound. You'll get access to the SAME coffee we do, roast it using our sample roaster (rent it for $50 weekly or $100 for the month), and compare to the same coffee we're roasting at the production level.

All coffees are traceable, ethically sourced, and ridiculously good. Priced between 9.25-11.50 per pound.

Click here for the PDF of currently available greens

Place order by emailing Invoice will be sent through quickbooks. Once paid, the greens will be available the following Wednesday for pickup at our Roastery in Monroe, OH or shipped anywhere in the US.