All-Day Espresso
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All-Day Espresso

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All-Day Espresso - Signature Blend

Name: All-Day Espresso Blend
Origin: Nicaragua + Ethiopia + Honduras
Processing: Washed

Cupping Notes: Dark Chocolate, Sweet Citrus, Lingering Caramel.
Roast Level 05: Medium/Dark Roast

All-Day Espresso is a complex blend featuring coffee from two major growing regions; Central America and East Africa. Its complexity is what allows for a harmonious flavor profile of dark chocolate, sweet citrus, and lingering caramel. You’ll get plenty of body and a real kick, making it perfect for getting you going on those mornings or afternoons where you need an extra dose of energy.

Full-bodied and well-rounded, this blend produces consistently balanced sweet and chocolatey shots that are easy to calibrate and integrate flawlessly with milk. With supreme balance and a wonderful sweetness, All-Day Espresso should easily earn its spot into your espresso lineup.

We continually taste this blend and each of its components, both on the cupping table as well as espresso, to best maintain the balance of flavors. All blends subject to change due to agricultural nature of product and supply.


All-Day Espresso Recipe:

18.5g of coffee yields 44g in 29 seconds.

We recommend your finished shots of espresso should weigh between 1.5-2.5 times as much as your coffee dose. This provides an excellent total extraction level and maximizes the flavor profile pulled out of the coffee.


Customer Reviews

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Excellent espresso with a conscience

Great espresso, and even better company mindset. I love it!

All day is perfection!

This is one of my new all time favorites! Flavor is on point. Try it, it does not disappoint