Yield Classic T v2
Yield Classic T v2

Yield Classic T v2

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It’s been over 2 years since we released our 1st edition of the Yield Classic T.

We believe our newest design from YOUNGER has been worth the wait. 

On the frontside of the shirt we have the Stacked Logo graphic. On the back we have the Eye Exam graphic. All shirts are black with white text.

Keeping things as local as possible, we’re supporting another local Cincinnati business to have the shirts printed.

With these shirts, we’re inviting you to wear, represent, and be an integral part of our Yield family.

The idea behind the Eye Exam graphic is that of a simple tool that has the ability to change someone’s life in a tangible and meaningful way. It’s the start of opening our eyes to new possibilities by perceiving things in new ways through different lenses. Yield’s goal has always been to be a tool to tangibly impact the coffee farmers we work with, their families, and their communities along with and the sustainable development projects around the world to save lives and to improve the outcome for all.