Tanzania – Iyenga
Tanzania – Iyenga
Tanzania – Iyenga
Tanzania – Iyenga

Tanzania – Iyenga

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Farmer: Iyenga AMCOS
Origin: Tanzania
Region: Mbozi
Cooperative: AMCOS
Altitude: 1600 Meters
Processing: Washed
Variety: Bourbon, Kent

Cupping Notes: Juicy Peach, Sugar Cane, Hint of Kiwi
Roast Level 03: Light / Medium

Relational Coffee = Direct Trade & Ethically Sourced.

This coffee came from: the AMCOS Cooperative, near the town of Mbozi in the region of Mbeya. Iyenga Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Society (Iyenga AMCOS) was registered in 2003 under the Tanzanian cooperative act. The cooperative deals only with coffee and collects from more than 500 farmers within the Mbeya region.

When the group first registered, there were only 64 members, all of whom were male. Now, of the group’s 193 members, 17 are female!

All the farmers in Iyenga village are very small scale and grow coffee on 5 hectares or less. In addition to coffee, many grow maize, peanuts and beans. The majority of farmers often keep one or two cows and some poultry, as well.

Members deliver their coffee cherries to a central processing unit, where the coffee is depulped and washed. It’s then fermented in tanks for up to 24 hours, depending on weather conditions. Finally, the coffee is rewashed with clean water and put on raised drying tables until it’s dried to 11 to 12 percent moisture.

Iyenga Cooperative members ensure the soil remains fertile by adopting the best agricultural practices, upon which they are advised by the cooperative. These practices include preventing soil erosion through dual cropping, using mulching materials and applying compost on a regular basis at optimal times.