Important update regarding our coffee offerings!

Fable Cafe, Cincinnati Coffeeshop & YIELD Partner

Westwood’s Newest Coffeeshop


Our new wholesale partner, Fable, officially opened their doors in July! We’re so excited for Brandie, Austin, and their whole team! Brandie shared with us in an interview, that our commitment to Relational Coffee is something they’re also trying to foster at Fable. They refer to it as a third space - a place for community, relaxation, conversation, and great coffee, of course. 

Their shop features a whimsical, family-friendly environment with antique furnishings and a kids area in the back, complete with toys and a beautiful mural. The daily menu features a variety of classic espresso drinks, loose leaf tea, pastries, and breakfast sandwiches.

 Fable Cafe is located in Westwood, on the west side of Cincinnati, and you should definitely give them a visit when you’re in the neighborhood!

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